Some movies for your enjoyment:

The CogA Honda Accord add, initially called, I believe, take 504 - 504 takes to get this ad right. Amazing
SantaWhy Santa did not Answer Your Letter
Smart DogAmazing Dog Show dance of a brilliant dog and their companion
PricelessVery funny take off on the "Priceless" MasterCard ads
ArmageddonJust an audio file, but a hilarious radio show clip
aerobics showerAn ad for a Shower Gel
AidsAn ad for AIDS awareness
Amazing SaveMorercyclist saves a near crash
Angel DecoysA airplane shoots off decoys
AppleAn ad using the Apple idea of never crashing (right!)
Ass KickingChris Rock on how to avoid an Ass Kicking
Lord of the RingsTop of the list - Spoof on a Lord of the Rings scene with Jack Black and Buffy
BalletBeautiful Chinese Ballet
Graphic Arts IntroBeautiful Sand Presentation
UNGROUNDEDThis video reminds me of a Blue Man Group routine.
PIXARVERY funny PIXAR shorts and trailers
Baby PitstopChanging the baby Indy 500 style
Back ScratchingAnimated - it's not what you think!
Bar VisionHow beer works its magic
Beer CleanerCleaning the apartment - with BEER!
BiddingFire Fighters bidding for the next catch
Bigger BottleOffice IM'ing - an ad for a soda
BikeCrashThis bike jump needs more practice
Bud Watching the GameClaymation world leaders "watching the game"
BurpDon't quit your day job
Cell CallOops - got to remember you're on the pnone
chupachupsAd for a sucker
Cow SoccerCow dribbling the soccer ball
elephantYou thought you had a bad job
elevatorBe careful which one you get into
Enron Let it SnowEnron version of the Christmas song
Everyone stand upAn ad for underwear
Fallos FantasyWhew! This is hot ice cream!
fantaJust a quick Fanta ad
FetchJust a LITTLE on the lazy side
fingersLet your fingers to the walking - and then some!
flat_ericNothing really happening, just gives me a chuckle
Glass BottlesBeer ad - benefit of cans
goodDoggieWhat you DON'T want your dog to perform at the dog show
guysThinkNews, the way guys think
High Voice RacersJust why are there voices so high
Japan Eating CommercialDidn't know eating could be so sexy (sounding)
Japp 1Japp Chocolate bar - over the edge
Japp 2Japp Chocolate bar - over the edge, take 2
Japp 3Japp Chocolate bar - the carnaval
JayLo OopsNewscasters JayLo mistake
Jean ShortsHot day, I guess
Kung Fu ParkingThis is how to park in tight places
KungFooFootballAre ALL soccer games this exciting?
Lottery CarTalking before acting is a good idea
lottoAd for lotto
Lowfat tunaThat's how they look so good
Music and Imagination0Music and Imagination
NeverTrustWomanThis was never part of MY Black Belt test
Pixar - For The BirdsHilarious animation
Redneck Car JumpingRedneck Car Jumping
salmonAd for Salmon
Sensitive TeethSensitive Teeth
sharkTuna Ad
Soccer ball inflationNever what you think it is
stihlblowerThe power of a leaf blower
A great goal in Table Football (foosball)Never saw this one before
TaxiGirlOops, look before you slam the door
Tennis and ForeplayTennis and Foreplay
tidyupThe reason you should tidy up your play things
TOILETTENo, it really doesn't happen this way
TruthInAdTruth in advertising
Video ConferenceOops - post a sign next time
What Boys WantThey learn at such an early age
Wrong time to be groovingWrong time to be grooving
XP BraThe bad thing about high tech
VagisealSafety first!
E-MahnahmahnaVery funny Muppets song - possibly one of the most famous.
Arrow-Head BeerBeer as it is truly created.
Yes!You thought YOUR job was bad!
405 the movieAirplane landing on the highway
agfa underwater commercialMight be a nerd, but not dumb!
Airport SecurityOh, THAT'S why I keep getting stopped
Axe 2Ad for a Body Spray
Blind man and LevisBeautiful ad for Levi's
Paradise EscortAd from Denmark - Frustrated and lonely?
Beer Ad - On The Piss AgainOkay, gross, but it's sort of what I always expected, not being a beer drinker myself
beerThe effects of beer - watch out!
Bird PitchOuch!! Poor bird!
Blake's auto bodyCheck the license plate before you start next time
blind dateOops, I HATE it when this happens
bored at workEven bored, I wouldn't be trying THIS
BowlingBowling would be better if it were Hockey
Breast Exam AdDo it yourself, don't use this guy!
Costume PartyAd using a costume party down the street
budwieser power plantHow the lights stay on
cheat chessFunny animation - cheating at chess
chinese balletBeautiful display
ChipshotAd for Golf Clubs with greater accuracy
combo 5Spoof on a (old) song (this is an executable, so you will be asked to run it)
best hockey shot everThis is amazing, but legal? I guess so.
Want to Learn English?Ad for a Language school
cutting room choreFunny - how the flying horse you see at the beginning of movies was filmed
Dangerous ElevatorOnly in a Steven King movie - very funny
Defective running track adThis is why I don't exercise as much as I should
ESPN - Say WhatESPN commercial
ESPN - Sweeps WeekESPN commercial
F14Crossing the sound barrier
Fiat5Biker doesn't get away with it three times
Yellow PagesFingers doing more than just walking
Fireman AuctionWho gets caught next - up for bids!
FUJI_FILMAd for Fuji film, a little backwards than what you would expect
I'm BatmanSnicker's ad
Goal over the BorderThis is the BEST. Soccer, southern border style
Great catchTwo heads are better than none
Hand ShadowsAmazing - all from some hand shodows
Karate kidThe doc deserved it - an ad for a karate school
invisibilityLevi's commercial - the invisible family
Matrix fartJust a guy thing, but this always brings a smile to my face
mcdonalds2Cat gets back at the kid
monsters_charadesFrom the movie Monsters, the charades scene used as a trailer
moon truthI always thought so! Conspiracy buffs, take note!
moon landingAlways a LITTLE editing going on
morning drinkEvery woke up and forgot what you did the night before? Not like THIS guy!
Naked Basketball playerOkay, ad for something, but just - YUK!
no smokingTHIS will make you think twice before your next cigarette!
office workoutRowing, office style
PARKINGMartial Arts, used for tight parking spaces
Pay Up, Sox FansBe careful what you promise!
PenguinFast, but funny
Pepsi PiercingHope never to see this in real life - but very funny
Pepsi Hot Beach AdOkay, this one I might hope to see
puppet theaterInteresting animation, a wolf(?) being the puppet master for - himself!
Wedding RingAd for underwear, believe it or not
Salmon funnyFresh Salmon
saunaTechnology gets smaller and smaller
sauna2Oops, busted in the Sauna
She MagazineAn ad for "Firming Cream"
Shopping in LAVery funny,
SNAPSHOTWhat you DON'T want to find in your pictures after a vacation
SNL Terrorist NamesSaturday Night Live - News Flash on Terrorists
soccer4 - cheated againGREAT move on the soccer field - wonder if it was legal.
son of a gunPorky Pig, hitting his thumb. Ouch!
sonyThirteen, thirteen, thirteen!
sparkyGreat ad for dogfood
star wars legoSOMEONE had a lot of spare time!
Streaker in reverseVERY good. Imagine a soccer game with the streaker - wearing clothes!
sumoAd for a pager, suing sumo wrestlers
T and A BeerTruly what ads are about - nothing to do with reality, everything to do with sex selling beer.
tabasco cometAnother good Tobasco ad
Talent ShowUnbelievable! She deserved the first place award!
tiger woods' nike commercialAnd I can't even HIT the little things!
TobaccoWhat the Tobacco Industry SHOULD be telling us
tobascoOne of my favorite Tobasco ads - in the deep south
Toilet charactersVery funny ad using male/female characters for the rest rooms
Tractor speeding adCar ad - too fast for the speed trap
TwistJust trying to open the bottle
vegisVegitarian commercial - Never know it was THIS NICE!
VivazzAd from Chili for Panty Hose
volvoVolvo ad - why bigger IS better!
Brahma Beer - Best Beer Commercial of the YearDESCRIPTION
WIN98Wonderful! Gates and an (ex?) Microsoft employee, demonstrating Windows 98 at a conference
windshield washAlways wanted to do this
Woman parkingGetting into a tight parking space
Very Funny - Jedi Master buying a carDESCRIPTION
amazing helicopterLong, but amazing what this guy can do with a remote controlled toy helocopter
atari geeksVery funny - Geeks rapping
bad terrorNot a very successful terrorist
boobsAd for, well, let you figure it out
bustedMake sure EVERYONE knows what to do
Fast CupsGirl stacks and unstacks plastic cups, quickly!
cups girlSame girl, a bit faster.
einstein birdAmazing bird act, for Animal Planet
examTakes guts to do something like this, but it works.
full-court-game-winnerJust a quick clip, the winning shot of a basketball game
gone nuttyScrat, the squirrel like guy from "Ice Age"
great scotchWho the REAL men are in a rugby match
hand brake turnReally quick parking job
horn guyAmazing act with, well, bike type horns
matrix pongWonderful! Talent show (I assume) act of a Ping Pong game, Matrix style
monkey sexHand Shadow puppets, very funny
new cell mateVery funny ad. New guy in the cell block.
news from iraqHilarious!! Interview of the insurgents (tongue in cheek)
scratchesJust WHERE did yours come from?
skate boardingNot the normal skate boarder.
special bootsThese boots were made for walking - and a whole lot more!
strip teaseCareful what you put out over the airwaves - you never know who's watching.
waking deadNot sure whether it is true or not, but interesting. Imagining getting so into a scary video game, you actually find yourself INSIDE the video game!